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A New Way

Human society has developed throughout time going through many phases and revelations, changing by the decade. From tribal communities and great indigenous civilizations to pre and post technology societies, humans have never stopped evolving. Now as we have come to the 21st Century, I look back and see a plateau, a lack in change in the past 30 or so years, and I think, what kind of human society is stationary? Could humanity standing still foretell a great flaw in our evolutionary position? But then I look forward, and I see great change waiting just around the corner. The earth itself is changing in great ways everyday with natural disasters and the slow change in global climate while human thought begins to change along with it. More and more people are coming to subscribe to a new way of thinking; of liberating ourselves from the uniformity of culture and repenting the crimes against nature, of giving up the culture of competition and returning to the rule of universal oneness, of global connection and respect. I see proof of this in the books we read, in the foods we eat, in the jobs we seek, and in the clothes we wear.

Fashion has always been a telltale sign of the nature of humanity; from the clean and simple dress of the Egyptians and the functional woolen tunics of the Middle Ages to the frivolity and extravagance of dress prior to the turn of the Century and the functionally lazy dress of ‘modern’ society. While we are currently stuck in an age of repetition and ease, a movement towards more interesting dress is beginning to emerge. A look back to craftsmanship as well as a new idea of synthetics arise while the old and new opinions on sustainability come together to engineer new technologies for more natural environments. New fibers allow easier function and require less criminal materials. Old ideas of handmade clothing and more sensible construction return to complement our new collective thought and culture.

So what does this mean for fashion? I cannot claim to know for sure, but in the trend of our new thought I can envision what I hope for humanity and for fashion. Those who lead this new look and new thought will be dressed in uber-functional, completely sustainable, reasonably simple and easy to wear, but most importantly; they will be in style. Our youth is done with looking like everyone else, we will go forth into our new culture in the impeccable and classy colors and flash of our new look. What do I envision? Sleek silhouettes and functional additions to it, sustainable and naturally bright and texture filled fabrics, and new combinations of shape and pattern in ways which come off as powerful and unique. Lets begin the revolution!



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