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Fashion Tidbits

Missoni Ad Campaign (Summer 2011)

Missoni is so cool! Psychedelic fashion in comfy luxurious knits.



Gorgeous Hermes scarves can be bought in various different sizes (all magnificently huge) which come with either 120, 90, or 70 ways to wear your scarf. They are made of silk twill, silk jersey, or dip dyed silk cotton, and they are all exquisitely colorful. These silken scarves will whisper against your cheeks like delicate butterflies, gracing any outfit with class and color.

Anna Sui

Current favorite in fashion: Anna Sui. Inspired by Romanticism, Craftsmanship, and the Wild West, Anna Sui’s collections are always colorful, textured, playful and tough at the same time. Enjoy!

See her Fall/Winter 2011 collection, recently shown at New York Fashion Week:

And if you want more, here is her Spring/Summer 2011 collection from earlier in the year: